Happy Medium Homeschooling

What is happy medium homeschooling? It is what works for our family. So many times we hear the questions: What kind of homeschooler are you? or How do you homeschool? To me these are almost as ambiguous as: What kind of person are you? or How do you live every day?

It is all about finding that happy medium. That is the place where our family learns, laughs, and struggles together, all while letting each person be an individual. For our family there is no box of curriculum that would suffice, no one catalogue from which to order a set of books. We also do not consider ourselves as unschoolers, as it leaves us wanting more. Some might call us eclectic, in more than our homeschool ways. I prefer to see us as finding what fits, even if that means trying on lots of sizes.Thus, happy medium.


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