Free Printable Science Lesson Plans

Teaching the Basic Steps of Scientific Discovery

There is something magical that draws kids into science. Sometimes it is the mess, goo, and intrigue of a good experiment, and other times it is the pure joy of discovery. Whatever the reason your kids might love (or perhaps only tolerate) science lessons, try these methods for bringing science to life.Oh, My Gosh!

Science is all around us, and our children. Whether you are planning for the science fair and need some guidance, you are an elementary teacher, or you are a homeschooling mom like me, helping kids understand the scientific process is an important job. For younger learners the pages of this printable science lesson will help them remember terms and steps, and help them develop strong scientific ideas. This guide can be used to teach the basics of:

  • observations
  • questions
  • hypothesis
  • testing and experiments
  • drawing conclusions

The pages include a guide for kids to ask questions about their topic, sample Venn diagrams they can print and use, and a sample hypothesis they can use to create their own brilliant idea.

If you need other easy science activities you can do with your kids, try some of these resources for kids, parents, and teachers.

[I created the Steps to Good Science lesson plan for other families/teachers to use – please do not in any way republish or reclaim this product. Originally available at :)]


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