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Eclectic. If I had to fall into a box, this is the one that would best fit me. But I don’t like boxes because I’m too claustrophobic and I homeschool so my kids don’t have to worry about fitting into anyone’s box. The curriculum I have chosen, created, discarded, and reused with renewed enthusiasm over the years could fill a library (and some came from the library), but as I ease my way into what I consider to be my “second act” of homeschooling, where I’ve graduated one and have moved beyond the early elementary years with the boys, I decided it was time to start sharing some of my favorites. For in this crazy world we call homeschooling, sharing our journey’s only makes the trip more blessed, fruitful, and less painful.

This is my Happy Medium – where I get to try new things with the kids, get creative along the way, feel inspired by others, and allow myself to listen to my kids more than the critics.

So I’ll be sharing bit by bit, and welcome anyone else to share as well.

powerful pen
For Free Homeschool Writing and Reading Printables

For a range of printable resources to use in your homeschool, visit my other site – A Powerful Pen – for lots of free homeschool lesson printable activities.




Check out my blog posts for curriculum ideas, and as it continues to grow let me know what homeschool curriculum help you need – it just might be resting on my dusty shelves…


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