A is for Asperger’s

A is also for Achieving with Asperger’s.

autismawarenessmonthA is also for Autism, and April, and Awareness. And all of those words roll into one lump sum of a corner of my world. My world, like so many other worlds of so many other people, is touched by a child with Autism. Within that spectrum lies Asperger’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder that shares enough characteristics with Autism to share space under that umbrella. Under that umbrella you’ll also find Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). That umbrella has a name – Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Have you ever tried to hold on to an umbrella during a wicked storm? Rain batters your face as the thin tarp of protection whips and flips above your head. This is what it can be like for a child to live under the ASD umbrella. The umbrella is there, but it is only there in spirit, not as a shelter from the storm. And that is perhaps how it should be. We should not teach our children to hide under the guise of the diagnosis. Kids can have Asperger’s, but Asperger’s doesn’t need to have them.

A is for Achieving with Asperger’s because if you know a single child with the condition, you have had a glimpse into a magical world. You know those Genie-in-the-Bottle type questions… If you could have 3 wishes… My wish would be to see the world through the lens of a child with Asperger’s. It must be a magical, sometimes confusing, riveting way to experience the world.

April is Autism Awareness Month. Get to know more about what it really means to live under the ASD umbrella. I can’t say it any better than this awesome video – put together by none other than someone achieving with Asperger’s. 

AFYI: My personal writing needs a kick in the pants. I’ve just been spending SO much time writing for others – which is a wonderful thing when you’re a work-at-home-mom who gets paid to write for others. But at the end of the day, I’m sure much to my husband’s surprise, I run out of words. At least words that make sense. So I’m joining the A to Z blog challenge, and I’m hoping that something as simple as giving me the starting letter will eventuate into words. Today – you guessed it – is A.


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