Love My Lapbooks!

Lapbooks, project packs, or those folder thingys – no matter what you call them they can be easy additions to the homeschooling menu. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. I thought that there was not much substance to these manila folders rearranged in the simplest origami shape. I have to admit, however, that once I tried one I realized that lapbooks offer great “pauses” in the day – perfect for my younger ones.

Why I Throw Lapbooks Into the Curriculum Mix

We aren’t always lapbooking, but we do use them as supplemental additions to our curriculum – and when we can’t find one we like, we create one that works for us.

  • Lapbooks are compartmentalized for learners who might feel scattered moving from Saxon math to Easy grammar, and then on to something else. Lapbooks offer consistency.
  • Lapbooks are great for kids with short attention spans. As the day progresses I can gauge just how much my son can contribute – some days it is one addition and some days it means 10 additions to his lapbook.
  • Lapbooks are easy tools for reinforcing reading material. We love to read aloud and I allow the kids to sit and build with LEGOs, draw, sew, etc., but sometimes I wonder just how much information they are retaining from the reading if they are also busy creating the next world’s masterpiece of something. Lapbooks help us to step back and take another look – to reinforce the information and build on it.

The best thing about lapbooks are that my kids respond to them – and when homeschool moms find those things we have to grab on and hold fast! There are so many creative moms, dads, and teachers out there who have shared a wealth of lapbooks on almost any topic imaginable. I have a few of my favorites listed at Better Parenting.

What are your favorites? I’m always looking to add more to my personal library!


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