What is the difference between education and school?


Education AheadSchool is a building – a place. Education is a journey. It is a journey that doesn’t end with graduation. When people ask me the Big Question: Why do you homeschool? I love to tell them because I want more for my kids than school. I don’t want my kids to feel the need to escape that confining “place” on Fridays, or to dread the return to “school” in the fall. School is confining, but education is liberating. It is what allows for equality among the genders and the races. It is what gives us hope in desperate times. Education fills our toolboxes with ways to do better and be better. I want my kids to weave education into their lives like they weave their hobbies, their faith, their relationships. Education is something I can help them seek and achieve – through this crazy thing called homeschooling.

Why do you homeschool?


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