Is Homeschooling Bad for Your Marriage?

family conflictThere is no doubt about it: homeschooling is a 24/7 way of life. But how does your spouse fit into those 24 hours? Are you partners in this endeavor or are you flying solo and hoping to make a connecting flight with your spouse sometime in the near future?

As I prepare to graduate my first child from our homeschool, I’ve been reflecting on the efforts that parents put into this educational option, and the toll it can take. And I was one of the lucky ones. I was a mom who wanted to give this crazy thing called homeschooling a chance – and my husband had faith in me that this might work. I often get asked, especially by new homeschoolers or those who are trying to convince a spouse to give it a try: What about the husbands?

True – there are some dads out there who step up to the teacher’s plate and either participate equally or even in full. However, the majority of homeschooling households are led by moms as teachers. So as moms, do we put our marraiges at risk?

Check out my thoughts on the topic, and how we can keep our marriages strong and our kids learning.

How do you balance homeschooling and marraige?


5 thoughts on “Is Homeschooling Bad for Your Marriage?

  1. Our kids know that Pop always comes first and vice versa (me for him). It doesn’t matter what we are in the middle of, if he wants our attention or our time, we give it.
    We also make sure that the kids know he is on board with everything I teach. He knows what we study and takes part in active conversation at the end of each day. What did you learn? Did you know this? It makes him part of our learning experience.
    If there is something I stress about, I take it to him and he helps me work it out. If the kids give me a hard time, he straightens it out.
    We make a point of keeping our house organized, ourselves neat, and meals ready on time.
    On his part, he works hard to provide and gives us his attention when he isn’t working. That and lots of conversation keep things going.

  2. I’m beyond blessed in this department and I have to thank God for it. My husband works at home full time and he is our oldest’s math teacher. He and I are 100% together with how we’re raising our family. I honestly don’t recommend home schooling to ladies if their husband’s aren’t on board–it causes too much friction. I say pray hard about it and wait on God to change his heart first, then start. Nothing is worth your marriage~

    • A double blessing for you! A father who is able to spend time with the family AND who takes over the math duties! I agree – homeschooling requires energy and battling through it without your spouse on your side is a losing fight – that is just not worth it. The biggest blessing a homeschooling mom can have is a homeschooling dad who supports her and the journey they are BOTH on with their children!

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