How can I Home School in the Summer?

Easily. Home schooling in the summer is one of the best ways to sneak learning into the daily lives of our kids. Here are some ways that my kids learn every day, while they still think that they have the summer “off”.

  • Library reading program – someone else gives them incentives to read!
  • 4-H – The kids work on projects and take them to the county and state fair. You don’t have to live on the farm to exhibit: computer science, photography, and robots are some of the popular areas for exhibition.
  • Volunteering – My kids do historical re-enacting and each week they are involved in the community. As many home schoolers have learned, teaching someone else is the best way to learn. My oldest leads a story-time at a historical home and gives tours of the home, the kids grow food in the gardens to donate to a food shelter, and they clean ditches.
  • They learn: to swim, fish, fillet fish, play outdoor sports, more about nature as they go on walks and bike rides, spend time with cousins learning about the value of family – whew – and that was just last week!

Learning is all around us and home schooling in the summer is as easy as opening the door and seeing what the world has to offer!


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