Homeschoolers – offer some support!

I have entered the world of veteran homeschoolers. Years ago I sought out parents who had been there, done that, and survived with thriving children. I wanted to know all I could about what curriculum they used, which tests were needed, and how to manage as their children grew.

Now I have found myself in that transition where the phone calls and emails are for me, instead of by me. Inquisitive and sometimes apprehensive parents call and ask questions, look for support, and vent frustrations over current school environments. I remember what those moments were like for me, and I can only hope that I will offer advice and experiences that will make their journeys easier and more fruitful.

It is our job as homeschoolers to support each other. We don’t have to be doing this for the same reasons, but we can be that sounding board. I have never met a homeschool mom who started the adventure without any fears or doubts and sailed through without any questions. Just as we help our children learn, let’s help each other along the way.


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