Homeschool smiles

Some days I have a hard time keeping my head above the water, balancing the academic needs and plans of children in grades 2 through 10. One minute is spent reading fairy tales, the other wishing I had some magic fairy dust to waive over the sometimes mind-numbing Chemistry lesson.

Those days are measured by today. This kind of day is the one that provides not only the life preserver for when the waters rise, but also sends the sun to dry the stormy seas. These are the days of homeschool smiles.

My 7 year old diligently worked on his writing skills, even though it is not his favorite thing to do. He quietly handed me his book and gave me the slightest smile. I turned the page and stared at the grey lined pencil drawing of me. And beneath that picture were these words: I love Mom because she is so beautiful and loving.

He watched the smile spread across my face and knew that I loved his writing. While sometimes it is difficult to be the one to tell him to add punctuation, choose better words, or try again to spell a new word, it is all worth the smile.

I smiled because he wrote a complete sentence with correct punctuation and good word choices. I smiled because his words touched my heart. He smiled because he succeeded twice in one lesson. The first for correctly completing his lesson, the second for giving me homeschool smiles.


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